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Stretching helps to relieve muscular tension. Better muscle condition and less muscle and tendon stiffness result in less aches and pains.
Reduced stress with a better posture and improved blood circulation also promote healing of injured muscle and tissue.


Muscle provides the strength to maintain our posture throughout the day. Overused muscle can induce muscle spasm and tighten the body. Stretching can improve posture by solving muscle imbalance and keep the spine in proper alignment to reduce the stress.


Stretching promotes blood circulation throughout the body by releasing the tension of the muscle and surrounding soft tissue. Stretching after exercise not only helps to relax and reduce the tension of the muscle, but also recharges the muscle. The post-exercise soreness and recovery time can be significantly reduced.


Mobility is a crucial aspect of being healthy. If a person is not able to move a joint freely through its full range of motion, then he is already putting himself at an increased risk of injury.Stretching helps to restore and enhance the range of motion (ROM) of the joint to improve mobility and flexibility in order to maintain a good body functionality.

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